Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming Reviews (aka "Jessie's Noodle Stash")

Just because I felt like it (and because I am trying to reorganize the cabinets this morning), here is a sneak preview of some of the upcoming topics:

That looks like it ought to be about a month's worth for me! XD  My own stockpile included:
  • three more flavors of Nissin USA's Top Ramen:  Chicken, Shrimp, and the one I am most curious about, Picante Beef; some of the also-ubiquitous Cup Noodle, in Hearty Chicken and Shrimp flavors; a Bowl Noodle, in Rich & Savory Beef flavor; and Chow Mein, in Teriyaki Beef flavor.  And for something really different, some of their Chow Noodles, in Cheddar Cheese and Tomato Basil flavors.
  • from Nissin HK, we have a Nissin Demae Curry flavor Ramen.
  • from Nong Shim USA, there is a Shin Ramyun and a Kimchi Ramyun, and three flavors of Bowl Noodle (Spicy Chicken, Kimchi, and Beef & Ginger).
  • from Nong Shim Korea, a Japanese-Style Udon Noodle bowl.
  • another Japanese-Style Udon Noodle bowl, but from ChoripDong/Katsuobushi.
  • a Yukejang spicy Ramen bowl from Paldo of Korea.
  • three flavors of Indomie's Mi Goreng:  Pedas, Satay, and BBQ Chicken.
  • from MAMA in Thailand:  Moo Nam Tok Spicy Pork, Tom Yum Pork, and Tom Yum Shrimp.
  • a little UFO-shaped Shrimp Tom Yum bowl from Fashion Foods.
That would have been a pretty good stash on its own, but then I received a basket of noodles as a Christmas gift from my sweetie's sister:
  • two packs each of MAMA's Phở Bò, Phở Gà, and Pad Thai noodles;
  • two more Nong Shim Japanese-Style Udon, in packet format this time;
  • two packs of Indomie Chicken Curry flavor Noodles;
  • and two different ramen from Paldo:  a Seafood flavor, and a "Broad Noodle" flavor (whatever that is supposed to mean).
Hee, I think maybe a little of my collector spirit is showing through. :P  Seeing all these noodles gives me a happy feeling inside!  Now I need to go put them away though...

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've had the Indomie Chicken Curry before; I just loved it!