Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi everyone!  My name is Jessie, and I love instant ramen noodles.  I also enjoy trying new things, so I have sort of taken it as a challenge to try as many different variations on the "instant noodle" formula as I can.  I am making this blog as a space to organize my thoughts about each one, so I can remember which ones I liked best, and I thought I may as well put it on the internet in case anyone else wants to read and follow along.

The subject matter will mainly be instant asian noodles, but I do reserve the right to also review other shelf-stable "non-ramen" products if I find them interesting.  I would entertain the idea of taking requests too, if I can find the product in question, and if someone happened to send me some relevant foodstuffs I promise I would review them as soon as possible. :)  Reviews will be posted only as time permits; although I love ramen I don't eat it every day, and I need a chance to go back and have my favorites over again too.

Actual content coming soon!

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