Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Indomie Mi Goreng Satay

Made by:  Indofood (Indonesia)
Tools Required:  Saucepan & Range, Strainer, Bowl or Plate, Chopsticks
Light Meal Size (380 calories per package)
Price:  49¢ (at Uwajimaya in Bellevue)
Rating:  :\

Here is something more exciting!  Mi goreng is a popular Indonesian stir-fried noodle dish, and this is the instant version.  "Satay" are those marinated skewered meat things that are popular in Thai restaurants (as well as in Thailand and Indonesia).  Sounds like a winning combination!

This one comes with five packets of seasoning!  There is a silver double-packet that has powdered "Bumbu Sauce" and "Cabe/Chili," and a clear triple-packet that has liquid "Minyak Bumbu/Seasoning Oil" and "Kecap/Soya Sauce" as well as dried "Bawang Goreng/Fried Onion."  In the package I had, the 'seasoning oil' looked a bit separated, so I found it helpful to massage the packet to stir it up before cutting it open, so it would squeeze out easier.

The noodles cook by the standard stovetop method:  boil water, add noodles for three minutes.  While the noodles are in the water, we are supposed to open the two liquid and two powdered packets and stir them together into a paste.  (The instructions say to use a plate, but I do love my pink butterfly bowls.)  At the end of the three minutes, the noodles get drained and then added to the bowl, and we toss them with the sauce until everything looks more-or-less the same color.  Right before serving, we sprinkle the tiny portion of fried onion on top as a garnish, and it is time to eat!

The noodles have a nice texture, firm but not sticky.  The flavor is mildly sweet, moderately spicy, and very peanutty.  I thought the "seasoning oil" looked suspiciously like peanut butter!  It actually tastes much more like the peanut sauce that comes with satay than the satay itself; I have to say, that is really not what I was expecting at all.  On the plus side, they did complement my Acai Green tea nicely.  I think these have some promise if I were to dress them up with extra ingredients, but standing on their own they get a rating of "disappointed smiley."

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