Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snapdragon Singapore Curry Rice Noodle Soup Bowl

Made by:  Snapdragon Foods / Tabetai Inc. (Thailand)
Tools Required:  Hot Water, Spoon & Chopsticks
Snack Size (240 calories per package)
Price:  $1.79 (at World Market in Woodinville)
Rating: ^_^

In our last episode, I had a satisfying bowl of ramen but failed to find a curry-flavored noodle that tasted like curry.  I am feeling a bit snackish this afternoon, so it seems like an excellent time to try again!  This time I am sampling the Snapdragon Singapore Curry flavor rice noodle bowl.  The Sesame flavor one was excellent, so I have high hopes for this one!

There are four sachets of seasonings included in the bowl along with the bundle of rice noodles:  a green one containing dehydrated veggies, a red one that holds a stark-white Coconut powder, and an olive double-packet labeled "Seasoning" that has an orange powder in one side and a red oil in the other.  Preparation is as simple as emptying all the packets into the bowl with the noodles, and adding boiling water for four minutes (3-5, according to the package directions).  Quick and easy, perfect for an afternoon snack!

After removing the lid and giving a quick stir, we arrive at the picture shown.  The red seasoning oil seems to be hanging around the surface in menacing fashion, but I am undeterred.  I am not noticing any aroma from these at all; even putting my nose up to it, I would be hard-pressed to name something that it smelled like.  But of course, the real test is how they taste, and these noodles definitely perform in that category!  The flavor is much more like I would expect a curry to taste, with the sweetly creamy coconut flavor contrasting with the spicy and tart curry seasonings.  I really like this one!  Just as a note, when the package says it is "mildly spicy", it is being modest.  At least for the first several bites as the noodles pick up the chili oil, they are probably about "3-star" spicy, although they do get milder toward the bottom of the bowl.

These Snapdragon bowls are turning out to be some of my favorites; I have to give this one another "extra-happy" smiley. :D  Now if only they could take the flavor of this one, and combine it with the aroma from the Indomie curry ramen, then there wouldn't be anything else to ask for!

(Finally, as a mostly-unrelated public service announcement, I have learned that while using chopsticks to eat noodles topped with angrily-colored oil, a white top may not be the most clever choice of clothing.  It's a good thing these noodles were worth it!)

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