About Me

My name is Jessie, I'm 41 years old, and I am currently a medical office manager living in Woodinville, WA with my very loving partner (now wife!) and our energetic German Shepherd Dog, who will always be a puppy to me even if he is 70 pounds.  I actually do enjoy cooking; I bake all our own bread from scratch, for instance, and I'm getting rather good at cutting up a whole chicken--but I also embrace the idea that good convenience food has its time and place.

But how do I figure out which ones are the good ones?  I try them all, of course!  I like being adventurous with food, whether it's trying new recipes, new restaurants, or new convenience foods.  For the latter, I thought it would be fun to share my adventures on this blog, so maybe I can help people who don't want to sample everything to find the ones they like. :)

I think that convenience foods probably have their best time and place when it comes to quick, warm lunches!  I have had a crush on ramen noodles for quite some time, but the first time I went to an asian market and tried some imported varieties, I knew it was true love.  Reviews of ramen noodles were the origin of the blog, and although I've branched out they will probably always be the most numerous review type.

Oh, and just for trivia:  Despite the fact that I love to use chopsticks to eat with, I am fully European (mostly German) in descent.  So if you were picturing an Asian girl, change that image to a blue-eyed blonde. ;)
And if you happen to be in the Woodinville area and notice a white girl eating her Cheetos with chopsticks to keep from getting orange stuff on her fingers, that was probably me!

*:  It does sound better than "chronically unemployed person," doesn't it?  I worked with computers for twelve years before being laid off, if anyone in the northeast Seattle area is looking for a tech-minded office girl with an attention for detail. ;)


  1. Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading through your archives of past ramen (and other food!) reviews! You have such a wonderful way of writing - strightforward but comical as well. I love it! I know nothing about ramen, apart from the fact that I want to find one I really like. Your Blog is very helpful even though I may not be able to find all the items locally that you can!

  2. Karen: First, I am so sorry that it took me almost a year to find and respond to your comment! Thank you so much for the praise. I know the blog has languished since you found it, but I do have intentions of getting it going again. I hope you follow along with it!

  3. Hi! I see you've stopped writing in this blog by now. Just wanted to say I am using your reviews as a guide in 2017! Thank you!!