Monday, January 10, 2011

Indomie Chicken Curry Flavour Instant Noodles

Made by:  Indofood (Indonesia)
Tools Required:  Saucepan & Range (or Microwave), Bowl, Spoon & Chopsticks
Meal Size (420 calories per package)
Price:  unknown (received as gift)
Rating:  :D

Next up is the Indomie Chicken Curry Flavor ramen I got as a gift from my partner's sister.  It got a recommendation from my only comment so far (on the Sneak Preview post), and it was also the one my sweetie suggested for me today.  So, let's jump right in!

The package calls for 400mL of water, which is around 1-3/4 cups, and uses the standard three-minute stovetop directions.  Microwave directions are also available (five minutes on high), but I am sticking with the tried-and-true saucepan method.  Also included in the pack are three seasoning sachets:  a silver double-packet with "Bumbu Sauce" and "Chili" in it, and a small clear packet with "Minyak Bumbu/Seasoning Oil."  Thankfully, unlike the Mi Goreng Satay, this version of the Minyak Bumbu bears no resemblance whatsoever to peanut butter.  Like the Mi Goreng, however, Indomie wants me to stir the powder and oil together into a paste before I pour in the noodles and water.  I'm not really sure how that ends up being different than dumping them into the water like usual, but I do what I'm told.

The prepared ramen has a somewhat sweet and tangy aroma--it really does smell like a Thai-style chicken curry!  The taste of the broth is much more savory, though; there is just the faintest hint of that sweet-spicy-sour flavor.  I added the entire chili-powder packet and they were only mildly spicy, so nothing really to worry about there. The noodles are a nice firm texture, which is fairly common for imported Asian brands... I won't go as far as to say they are higher quality than the American brands, maybe most Americans have a preference for mushy noodles and that is why the difference, but I do prefer the firmer variety.

Anyway, the final word on these:  I would have a hard time saying they actually taste like chicken curry (although they definitely have the aroma down).  I would easily say that they are an above-average bowl of ramen, though.  This one gets a happy face. :D

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  1. The flavor/scent of the Minyak Bumbu seasoning oil has the best aroma of any oil I have smelled ever and I have a few years of looking/searching to sample exotic fruits /vegs/ and Vietnamese soups.