Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paldo Seafood Flavor Korean Noodle

Made by:  Paldo (Korea)
Tools Required:  Water, Saucepan & Range, Bowl, Spoon & Chopsticks (or Fork)
Meal Size (490 calories per package)
Rating:  0_0

(available online through Amazon.com)

Today I'm going to be trying a Seafood flavor noodle from Paldo.  This will be my first time trying one of Paldo's products, so it should be interesting!  It even scores some extra bonus points before I ever open the package with the cute Super Happy Chef mascot.  (Hey, I like cute stuff, what can I say?)

Upon opening the wrapper, we discover a large brick of thick, round, yellow-colored noodles (is it colored noodle week on Ramen Butterfly or something?) along with a foil packet of powdered "Soup Base" and a clear packet of dried goodies labelled "Vegetable Soup Base".  I see some things that look like seafood bits in there too, so the "vegetable" label seems odd, but they had to distinguish them somehow, I suppose.  We are supposed to boil either 550cc (ml) or 2-3/4 cups of water, add the noodles and soup base, and simmer for four minutes.  2-3/4 cups sounds like a lot (which it is--that's 650ml), so I decide to go with the 550ml measurement, which is more like 2-1/3 cups.  Anyway, four minutes after we finish doing unit conversions, it is time to eat!

Hmmm... you know, judging from the aroma and from the bright orange-red color of the broth, I am wondering if there is something the package forgot to tell me about these noodles.  My first sip of the broth confirms my suspicion--these are actually fairly spicy!  Probably not quite as hot as a Shin Ramyun (which I am planning to review sometime) but I think it is the spiciest thing I have reviewed so far.  I happen to like it, but it is not what I was expecting at all based on the package.  I mean, look at all that cool blue color!  What about the cute, innocent-looking mascot?  That'll teach me to trust a cartoon chef.  Anyway, the texture of the noodles is nice; they are more like a thick spaghetti rather than the "typical" ramen texture.  I can pick up a nice shrimp-and-surimi seafood flavor, which isn't quite overpowered by the chili powder, but almost. The serving size is quite filling, too.

The final word?  I am actually a bit torn on how to rate these.  On the one hand, I enjoyed these and I wouldn't turn down the chance to eat them again, so I would normally give them a happy face.  However, my biggest impression came from the fact that there is no mention anywhere on the package that these are a spicy flavor. (Okay, so there is the ingredient list that shows "red pepper" as the third ingredient in the seasoning powder right behind salt and MSG, but who looks at that while they're shopping?)   I don't mind heat, but some warning would be nice for the people who do.  So as a public service announcement, these get a rating of "surprised face." 0_0

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