Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nissin Chow Noodles Tomato Basil Flavor

Made by:  Nissin USA
Tools Required:  Water, Microwave, Chopsticks (or Fork)
Meal Size (500 calories per package)
Rating:  :D

(available online through

Today's selection is a change of pace from the asian-style flavors that have been reviewed so far.  Although she is extremely supportive of my noodle habit, my partner does not actually share my passion, so normally when we are home together, we eat other things.  She does enjoy italian-style pasta, though, so when I found these tomato-basil Chow Noodles, I picked up two just in case, and today she agreed to give them a try with me!

Included in the tray are the brick of wide, fettucini-style "ramen" noodles, along with three packets; there is a clear "Premium Ingredients" packet with dehydrated tomato and onion, a "Powdered Seasoning" packet, and a "Liquid Seasoning packet.  These are designed for microwave preparation, so those are the only instructions printed on the package; we are supposed to add the Premium Ingredients and fill with water to the line, microwave for five minutes, then stir in the other seasonings.  Because I was cooking two, I modified the instructions and put them in together for eight minutes, and they turned out perfectly cooked.  It took a bit of effort to get the seasonings to coat the noodles evenly, but after an extended stirring, we are ready to eat!

The consistency of the noodles is pleasant; they are maybe a little more tender than an al dente, but not off-putting.  The flavor is quite nice!  They have a strong, bright tomato flavor without seeming heavy, which is complemented by a nice balance of herbs, garlic, and onion.  I would choose these over a frozen pasta entrée any day, and definitely over canned pastas.  For the second opinion, my sweetie said she would definitely enjoy having these again, and I think she might be a little more excited about trying the other flavor now too.  These get a unanimous "happy face" from the Ramen Butterfly household. :D


  1. As a member of the Ramen Butterfly household, I must say that I enjoyed these noodles! Even though I don't necessarily enjoy noodle soups, I did enjoy these and thought these were really good. I would like to have them again!

  2. I love these noodles, but if your eating them for lunch on the go ( which is what i do) its good to have a mini bottle of Listerine because they make your breath smell like death.

  3. @acdeluna: LOL, I suppose the same problem would crop up with most garlicky italian flavors. I actually kind of like those little Colgate Wisp mini-toothbrush things for when that comes up. ;)

  4. Where can you even buy these anymore except Amazon???

  5. @Anonymous: I bought the ones I reviewed at my local Rite-Aid pharmacy in Woodinville, WA, but I haven't checked recently to see if they still stock them.

  6. I get mine at the Dollar General in Taylor, AZ. They are wonderful noodles for a change. Most I've tried I haven't liked but, the Nissin Chow Noodles, Tomato and Basil are the best I've ever eaten. I like them so much I have them 2 to 3 times a week for lunch and the flavor isn't over powering nor under, they are just right.