Monday, June 13, 2011

Simply Asia Roasted Peanut Noodle Bowl

Made By:  Simply Asia Foods (USA, imported from China)
Tools Required:  Microwave, Measuring spoon
Meal Size (510 calories per package)
Rating:  :D

Today I am going to splurge a little and indulge in some premium gourmet-type fresh noodles from the international aisle of the grocery.  These are a bit pricier than ramen, and they are marketed as being more upscale and luxurious (although they don't seem to be any healthier for you than ramen is). 

I actually have to admit that I am going in to this one with a bit of trepidation, because the last time I had one of these "fancy" noodle products, it was an Annie Chun udon noodle that turned out to be one of the worst things I had ever eaten.  We'll see if this brand does any better at representing the category!

The bowl contains the pack of fresh noodles, a packet of dried vegetables, the liquid sauce, and a packet of chopped peanuts for garnish.  Oh, and a very tiny plastic fork.  I didn't try to use the fork since I eat with chopsticks anyway, but it looked kind of flimsy and undersized; I think I would recommend having a 'Plan B' for utensils in any case.

Anyway, the instructions tell us to put everything except the peanut topping (and the fork) into the bowl along with two tablespoons of water, put the lid on, and microwave for two minutes.  The lid does have a vent hole for steam, but the bowl was still very hot to handle coming out.  We stir everything together to coat the noodles, add the peanut topping, and serve!

The finished noodles have a nice, hearty aroma, and they must have absorbed the added water, because the sauce is nicely thick and rich.  The texture is firm and slightly sticky--it kind of reminds me of an overcooked spaghetti.  Not that I am saying they are bad, but they do seem a bit heavy because of it.  The sauce is tangy and garlicky, and slightly sweet; despite being a peanut sauce, it actually comes across more like a tomato-based sauce (even though there is no tomato in it).  The red flecks are actually sweet pepper, so there is no need to worry about spice heat.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this product!  The flavor was very enjoyable, and I feel like I had a nice hearty lunch.  This has me much more interested in trying the other Simply Asia products now!  I think they might even be worth their 'gourmet' price tag.  :D

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