Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nissin Top Ramen Shrimp Flavor

Made By:  Nissin Foods (USA)
Tools Required:  Saucepan & Range, Bowl, Spoon & Chopsticks
Meal Size (380 calories per package)
Rating:  :|

(available online through

I was noticing that the past few posts have all been the "Souped-Up" re-reviews instead of actually reviewing new products... I think it is probably time I did a few actual product reviews here.  Today's selection is probably not unfamiliar to most of the reading audience, but I do think it is important to make sure I cover the basics along with the 'fun' stuff.  So, today I am having the very budget-conscious Top Ramen, in Shrimp flavor.  Let's see how it stacks up!

Inside the pack is our brick of ramen noodles, and a singular foil packet of seasoning labelled "Shrimp Flavor."  We bring two cups of water to a boil and add the noodles for three minutes, then stir in the seasoning at the end.  As I am pouring the finished soup into the bowl, I notice a promising savory seafood aroma.  The appearance, though, is a little less enticing; we have some glassy-looking noodles in a very plain-looking broth.  Well, time to give them a try!

The noodles are, as expected, normal grocery-store-style American ramen, which is to say the texture is quite soft and slightly sticky.  I try not to think of them as inferior, but they do seem like a totally different type of pasta than the noodles from the 'international' section.  What flavor the broth does have isn't bad, but it seems a bit watery and bland.

I think I am going to have to re-iterate what I said in my review of the Oriental Flavor Top Ramen:  There is certainly nothing offensive about the flavor of these--nothing strong or spicy that could possibly upset a stomach, so if I were feeling under the weather, I would probably reach for these to have a nice warm feel-good lunch.  For the most part, though, I would prefer a little more flavor.  These aren't bad, but they really aren't that interesting either.  :|


  1. I am glad that you got a chance to eat noodles again this weekend. :)

  2. I give Shrimp Ramen Noodles a 10/10.
    They have become my favorite. Nice post about them, they are very helpful like you said for under the weather sickness. I would recommend it to everyone who likes a not bad, but not that interesting taste.

  3. Try whisking an egg in after you take it off the heat, in the same method of egg drop soup to make it a more rounded meal. Gotta get that protein! That's the way my mom always made it when I was growing up.