Monday, June 27, 2011

Kettle Buffalo Bleu Krinkle-Cut Potato Chips

Made By:  Kettle Foods
150 calories per 1 oz. serving (pictured)
Rating:  0_0

(available online through Kettle Online Store)

Most days when I have noodles, I usually have some chips or snacks on the side, just for a little crunch to complement the soup or soft noodles.  And, much as it is with the noodles themselves, I love trying all the different flavors I can find--the more interesting, the better, often to the bemusement of my ever-supportive fiancée.  This time, I brought home some of these Buffalo Bleu flavor Kettle chips!  I am picturing flavors of hot wings dipped in blue cheese sauce, and I am getting excited.  So let's not keep me in suspense!

Oh, that is not what I expected at all.  They're good, but the flavor definitely doesn't match the image that the name conjures up.  They are not especially spicy, and I taste vinegar, garlic, and herbs, with a hint of a 'green' pepper flavor.  Despite the powdered blue cheese in the ingredients list, I don't pick that up as a flavor at all; at most, I taste a slight sour-creamy undertone.  They remind me more of the creamy alfredo flavored chips I've had in the past, much more than anything Buffalo or Bleu.  At least the texture is as expected; they are extremely crunchy, almost to the point of being too hard--just like kettle-cooked potato chips are supposed to be.

So these kind of feel like a curveball:  In fairness, I enjoyed the flavor, but I certainly wouldn't describe it the way the package does.  My expectations have been violated.  0_0

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