Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nissin Demae Ramen Satay Flavor

Made By:  Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Tools Required:  Saucepan & Range, Bowl & Utensils
480 calories per package

Available online through Amazon.com

Sometimes I think I must be more adventurous when I am shopping than I am when I am deciding what to eat.  I picked up this Satay flavor noodle when I was at Uwajimaya a couple of months ago, and I've been avoiding it in the pantry ever since.  It's probably because my first experience with a satay flavor noodle was less than stellar, but it does make me wonder why I bought it in the first place if I wasn't going to eat it.  But today I am feeling adventurous, so eat it I shall!

I was actually a little bit surprised to find two flavor packets included--all the other Nissin products of this style I've seen only had one.  The first is the expected "soup base" packet, and the other is labelled "seasoning sauce" and seems to have some sort of liquid inside.  We boil 500ml (or 2-1/4 cups) of water in our saucepan, add the noodles and cook for three minutes, then add the packets last.  The Seasoning Sauce packet ended up having a grainy brown paste in it, which resisted coming out of the packet; I ended up just tossing the packet in the soup and swishing it around with my chopsticks to get the stuff out.  Anyway, after transferring the soup to a bowl, lunch is ready!

I didn't have to be so worried about trying these; the broth is much less one-dimensional than I remembered from the Mi Goreng Satay.  There is still a strong nutty flavor, but it is much less sweet, and it balances with an undertone that is along the lines of five-spice beef.  While not spicy in terms of chili heat, there is a lot of interesting spice flavors present.  The noodles themselves don't really excite me, but at least they aren't as mushy as the US style.  I am very pleasantly surprised!  I definitely wouldn't mind having these again, and I might not even wait quite so long to eat them next time. :)

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