Monday, November 14, 2011

MAMA Oriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour

Made By:  Thai President Foods (Thailand)
Tools Required:  Bowl, Hot Water, utensils
420 calories per package

(available online through

The weather is getting colder here in Western Washington--we've had frost in the mornings a couple of times, and the rainy seasons have started.  It feels like a nice day to have some warm spicy noodles!  This particular variety has a place in my heart; it is one of the first imported noodles I tried when I made my first trip to an asian market a few years back.  I found it in a large full-meal size instead of the typical 200-250 calorie portions from MAMA, and I am excited to have it again!

Inside the package is a big block of MAMA's dark colored ramen, a plastic packet of seasoning paste, and a foil packet that has pockets for chili powder and dry soup base.  The directions say to put the noodles and seasonings in a bowl, pour 450ml (roughly 2 cups) of boiling water in, cover, and wait 3 minutes.  Because of the larger size of the product, though, it seemed more practical to me to boil the water in a saucepan and put the noodles and stuff in there for the three minutes (removed from the heat and covered of course) before putting it in the bowl.  Same technique, different container, so it should all work out the same.  It looks just like I remember!  (Why do I always happen to be wearing white when I decide to eat soup with red oil floating in it though?  I decided to use protection this time--I put on an apron before sitting down to eat.)

These really hit the spot!  They definitely pack some heat, but I think the flavor is very well balanced between the creamy, tangy, and spicy notes.  Those who do want a little less heat have the option of leaving some or all of the chili powder packet out, although I suspect a lot of the spice is in that bright red seasoning paste too, so I wouldn't count on them to be mild no matter what.  The flavor is very similar to the other Shrimp Tom Yum that MAMA produces, and it probably just comes down to personal preference as to which one is better.  The other one has a little bit cleaner or lighter feel to it, while this one seems more hearty and complex.  Both are very good; personally I think I prefer this one, although I really think I would pick whichever one I happened to find in this 90g size, since I strongly preferred this portion size over the dinky standard size ones.  I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I hope the store has more than just one of them in stock next time. :D

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