Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bertolli Premium Meal Soup Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken

Made By:  Bertolli USA
Required for Preparation:  1c Water, Saucepan & Range (or Microwave)
410 calories per 1/2 package

Tonight's dinner is one of these brand-new Meal Soups from Bertolli!  I've noticed them being advertised heavily, both on TV and through coupon promotions.  So when I saw them on sale in the store, with coupon in hand, I couldn't resist grabbing one to give them a try!

Inside the package we find an attractive assortment of cheese tortellini, some nice-sized tomato chunks, lots of spinach, some chicken pieces, and frozen planks of sauce.  We add a cup of water (which freezes everything together into one giant block for a while), bring the soup to boiling, and then cover and simmer for five minutes.  Easy as that, dinner is ready!

The package makes a very generous portion of soup--each serving is around two cups.  The tomato bisque stock is very hearty, with a sweetly creamy, pleasantly herbed flavor.  The spinach and tomato pieces are very soft, as would be expected, yet they don't seem mushy and retain a lot of flavor.  The chicken pieces are surprisingly firm, yet tender; the pasta is soft but has a nice cheese flavor.  I served it with just a slice of homemade bread with butter, and it made a very satisfying meal.  The other flavors don't sound quite as appetizing as this one, honestly, but this one is good enough that I might give them a try!  It's the best bowl of soup we've had in a long time. :D

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