Friday, September 2, 2011

Roxy Crab Chips

Distributed by Roxy Trading Inc. (Product of Japan)
140 calories per 1 oz. serving

Usually when I get to an asian grocery to shop for noodles, I also end up bringing home a few imported snacks and things that I can't buy locally, for novelty and variety.  These Crab Chips caught my eye, I think mainly because of the coloring of the chips; they are stark white (probably even whiter in person than the picture makes it look) with little red flecks, presumably to suggest the appearance of crab meat.

Unfortunately, the appearance is the only thing that is suggestive of crab meat--there is absolutely no detectable crab or seafood flavor whatsoever.  The flavor did seem familiar though, and it actually took me most of the way through one serving to figure out what they taste like.  So here it is:  They taste like fried wonton sheet.  You know, like those little crispy strips they give you at chinese restaurants to put in your egg drop soup?  That's just what this tastes like.  So if you happen to want a whole bag of those, except shaped like little discs and decorated like crab for some reason, you are in luck if you find a bag of these.  Otherwise, I tried them for you so you don't have to. :\

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