Thursday, September 1, 2011

Myojo Ippeichan Yomise-no Yakisoba

Made By:  Myojo Foods Co. Ltd. (Japan)
Tools Required:  Hot Water, utensils
610 calories per package

(available online through

Where yesterday's noodle packaging seemed to want to imply a traditional dish, today I am choosing this one that looks like it wants to be more of a modern diner or "fast food" fare; the garishly colored package depicts condiment bottles and what looks to be a sleeve of french fries.  This one looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, so let's get right into it!

There is a block of dark colored noodles, and a wide assortment of flavor packets:  one with dried vegetables, a liquid sauce and powdered 'spice', and one which is colorfully labelled Mustard Mayonnaise.  Unlike all domestic Yakisoba or Chow Mein, rather than using our microwave, these use a hot water preparation; we add the dried vegetables and fill the tray with boiling water, wait three minutes, and then peel off the tab on the drain spout and drain the noodles from the corner that is still sealed.  The design works remarkably well!  I was able to drain virtually all of the water, and the lid stayed very securely attached.  After draining, we are supposed to add the sauce, which sort of smells like steak sauce, and the spice powder, which turns out to be a deep green color, stir them in, and then top with the mustard-mayo.  The finished product turns out to be very fun-looking and the aroma kind of reminds me of sitting in a McDonalds.  This should be interesting!

The noodle texture is wonderful!  They are very soft and tender, and separate easily without much clumping.  The flavor almost defies description, honestly... between the mayonnaise and mustard flavor of the topping, the tartness of the sauce (which according to the ingredients panel was mostly Worcestershire sauce), and the savory spice flavors, it really does seem like the noodle version of eating a nice juicy burger.  The only thing that seems even slightly out of place are the cabbage bits from the veggie packet, but they don't really detract either.

These are incredibly delicious, and in an insidiously addictive way--I am already wishing I could have some more.  I predict that I will be grabbing several of these each time I go to the asian grocery, and I could even see myself making a special trip if I got to craving them.  They feel like a guilty pleasure, but with emphasis on the word pleasure.  More, please!  ^_^

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