Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Elisha Aerated Water

Made By:  Xiamen Elisha Mineral Water Co. (PRC)
80 calories per can (12.3 fl. oz.)

I think these caught my eye because of the cool transparent aluminum cans they come in.  [Okay, fine, they're actually plastic.  It still looks cool though.]  They are somewhere between a flavored water and a soda; they are lightly carbonated, just enough to give a little 'sparkle' on the tongue but little enough that there aren't a lot of visible bubbles inside the can.

Lychee is very cool, crisp, and refreshing; it does a good job of capturing the essence of the mildly citrusy, almost nutty flavor.  Sweet, but not too sweet to be refreshing.  I enjoyed it a lot! :D

Peach is very peachy--I can practically taste the peach fuzz!  Sweetened enough to avoid being tart, but far from being syrupy.  Another good flavor! :D

I will definitely be getting more of these--I am pretty sure I prefer these over the normal everyday carbonated soft drinks.  When I do, I will probably update this review with my impressions of the other flavors.  So far, I am really impressed!

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