Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mama JokCup Instant Porridge Soup Artificial Chicken Flavor

Made By:  President Rice Products
Tools Required:  Hot Water
150 calories per package

(available online through

I grabbed one of these Chicken Porridge cups when I was at Uwajimaya just because it seemed unusual enough to make an interesting review.  I've been procrastinating actually tasting it, because there is part of me that thinks it has the potential to be really bad, but I was in the mood for an afternoon snack today and this seemed an appropriate size.  Here goes nothing!

The very first line in the directions say to peel the lid back halfway, but I run into an obstacle when the lid rips instead of peeling.  Once the lid is off, I see there is a cute little soup spoon included, which wasn't mentioned anywhere on the packaging.  I also see a powdery stuff in the bottom of the cup that reminds me of instant potato flakes.  We add boiling water to the fill line and give a stir, then cover and stir again once per minute for three or four minutes.  The finished product is a sort of sickly-looking milky white broth with some herbs floating in it.  I didn't actually expect a Porridge Soup to look all that appealing, though, so I'm not too put off just yet.

The texture is a bit like a really thin Cream of Wheat cereal; I think I expected it to get a little thicker, but at least that means it is sippable--I started off using the little spoon, but eventually I decided just sipping from the cup was easier.  The flavor seems to be somewhere between a Campbell's-style chicken and rice soup, and asian egg-drop soup.  The occasional sip has a chunk of dried ginger in it, which seems out of place both texturally and flavor-wise, but other than that, it really wasn't all that bad.  I'm not sure it warrants a re-purchase unless I was on a semi-liquid diet or something, but I didn't hate it. :|

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