Monday, July 25, 2011

Sapporo Ichiban Original Flavored Soup

Made By:  Sanyo Foods (USA)
Tools Required:  Saucepan & Range
480 calories per package

Rating:  :)

(Available online through

Apologies for the hiatus; the new puppy was consuming a little more time than I expected.  He is settling in nicely now though, so it is time for some more noodles!  Today I am reviewing some noodles in what I refer to as the "pseudo-import" category--although made in the USA, they are typically found in the international foods section of the store and at asian markets, instead of being alongside the domestic brands like Nissin and Maruchan.  This particular brand has the reputation of being the "gateway noodle" for people who are a bit bored out with the domestic stuff and are ready to start exploring the higher-end import range.

Inside the package, we have our block of noodles, and just one foil packet of soup base--looks like we're keeping it simple for the new gourmet-noodle converts.  The preparation directions are simple as well; we boil two cups of water, add the noodles and cook for three minutes, then stir in the soup base and serve.  Despite not having a separate veggie packet, the soup does have some color in it, in the form of what looks like green onion flecks.  There also appears to be a lot of noodles for the amount of broth, compared to Top Ramen.  Time to give them a taste!

The noodles seem a bit soft, although maybe not as much so as the typical domestic noodle--I would stop a little short of calling them mushy.  The broth has a very nice flavor, especially compared to Top Ramen Oriental Flavor; there is a deep savory soy-and-onion flavor, along with a touch of ginger and garlic, and maybe a 'dark' flavor like beef or caramelized onion.  The meal size is a bit larger than the domestic noodles as well, though I disagree with the package that there are three servings present.  I would definitely say that these are a step up from Top Ramen!  If you are looking for a simple, comforting noodle soup, this definitely wouldn't be a bad pick. :)


  1. Hey Ramen Butterfly, you have to try my favorite ramen. It's the shin ramen, but you have to go for the spicey seafood flavor. When I make it I usually add some spinach and an egg but for a little more umpf. I hope you like it!

  2. Okay I totally boo-boo'd. Its Neoguri by Nong-Shim, Seafood & Spicy flavor. I've found it at Safeway in the International Food section. Sorry for not researching better. I just got so excited.

  3. Hi Anonymous! I know which one you're referring to--I'm pretty sure I've had that one in the past, before I was writing reviews, and I remember it was pretty good.

    I'll take your comment as a request and grab one to review the next time I'm shopping!