Monday, August 8, 2011

Nissin Cup Noodles Salsa Picante Chicken Flavor

Made By:  Nissin (USA)
Tools Required:  Hot Water
290 calories per package

Rating:  :)

(Available online through

I still haven't made it to the store to grab a package of the Neoguri for the requested review, so for lunch today I'm going back to the Noodle Stash.  I settled on a Cup Noodles product, just since it's been a while since I did one.  I picked out this flavor because it sounded more interesting than the average chicken, beef, or shrimp versions, so it's probably time I gave it a chance!

I have to admit, one of my favorite things about Cup Noodles is that they take exactly 10 ounces of hot water to prepare--which means that if your kitchen or office breakroom has one of these Keurig single-cup coffee makers, you can make lunch straight out of the coffee machine!  Just use the 10-ounce cup setting without a K-Cup, and make sure to keep the paper lid (and your fingers) clear of the hot water stream.  Can it get more convenient than that?

Anyway, whatever source you use for your boiling water, once the cup is filled to the line, we let the noodles stand covered for three minutes, and then we are good to go.  I notice that the noodles seem to have absorbed more water than I expected--the water level has actually gone down a bit during the stand time.

The texture of the noodles is a bit different than most I've had; they are thinner and flatter, and seem more "airy" than usual, almost as if they were puffed somehow; the mouthfeel is quite a bit firmer and more pleasant than the usually-soggy Top Ramen noodles.  The broth isn't overly spicy, although it is definitely flavorful when compared to the typical American ramen flavors.  With the chile salsa flavor and almost-breadlike noodles, it reminds me a lot of a tortilla soup.  There is a sweet citrus undertone from the lime flavor, also.  The included veggies (corn, carrots, and green onion) seemed to complement the broth flavor well, too.

I liked this one quite a bit!  With the interesting flavor, the very convenient preparation, and the very budget-friendly price, this is a definite recommend and repurchase.  :)

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