Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maruchan Yakisoba Roast Chicken Flavor

Made By:  Maruchan, Inc. (USA)
Tools Required:  Microwave, Water (around 1c)
520 calories per package

Rating:  :|

(Available online through

Happy belated Fourth of July to my fellow Americans!  I know it isn't too late to mention the holiday, because people are still setting off firecrackers in my neighborhood as of just a few hours ago.  As for me, I plan to celebrate the Independence holiday week by firing up some yummy noodles!  I picked this Yakisoba noodle from Maruchan--what could be more all-American than roast chicken, right?

Inside the package, we find our ramen-style noodles and two packets; there is a dried-veggie packet that contains corn, peas, cabbage, red pepper bits, and onion flakes, and then we have our packet of powdered seasoning.  We are supposed to add the dry veggies in the space around the noodles (so they will be in the water), fill to the line, and microwave for four minutes.  After letting it stand for one minute, we remove it from the microwave, peel off the lid, and add the seasoning packet, which stirs in fairly easily.  It looks good!

The noodles are okay; I think they have a slightly softer texture than the competing Chow Mein line from Nissin, but they don't seem too mushy or sticky or anything.  The flavor is a bit sweeter than I thought it would be; I remember having had a Maruchan "Instant Lunch" cup noodle in Roast Chicken flavor, and it was a richer, heartier version of their normal Chicken flavor.  This one seems more like it's a light version of their Teriyaki flavor--like they mixed a teriyaki chicken with a savory chicken flavor.  Or maybe it's a honey-glazed chicken flavor?  It's sort of odd, actually.  The veggies do seem flavorful, but for some reason they seem to want to sink straight to the bottom instead of staying mixed into the noodles.  I tried to keep them stirred in, but I still ended up with a big pile of corn and cabbage at the end.

Don't get me wrong, the flavor wasn't bad, and these noodles were enjoyable.  However, I think most of the time, I will be choosing either a plain chicken flavor or a Teriyaki flavor, instead of this slightly unusual cross between the two. :|

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