Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nissin Chow Mein Teriyaki Chicken Flavor

Made By:  Nissin USA
Tools Required:  Microwave, Chopsticks
Meal Size (500 calories per package)
Rating:  :D

(available online through

I am craving some teriyaki noodles today for some reason, these just sounded really good.  I know that my experience with the Teriyaki Beef flavor was less than stellar, but I am an eternal optimist and I am hoping these will hit the spot (since they are the only teriyaki flavored thing up there in the Stash right now).  I'm giving you another chance, Nissin--don't let me down, okay?

Inside the package is a block of straight-cut "Chow Mein" noodles; a Premium Ingredients packet that looks to contain dried cabbage, mushroom, carrot, and imitation chicken; and a liquid seasoning packet.  The dried stuff goes in first, we fill the tray to the line with water, microwave for five minutes and stand for one, and then stir in the seasoning sauce.  I notice that there seems to be a lot more of the sauce than I remember from the Teriyaki Beef one, and the finished product turns out a much deeper, tastier-looking color.  The aroma is pretty good too, I am smelling the teriyaki sauce.  I am getting my hopes up!

No question, these are much better than the Teriyaki Beef ones I tried last month.  The sauce is nice and thick, the noodles are well-coated, and the flavor is deep and savory-sweet, just like I had in mind.  I don't remember there being any cabbage in the other flavor, but I don't think it matters much since I still don't taste the "Premium Ingredients."  To be fair, maybe they impart their flavor into the broth or something and contribute that way, but all I know is I don't taste much difference between the bites that have veggies and the ones that don't.  That's not a major criticism though, I thoroughly enjoyed these. 

It actually makes me want to try the Teriyaki Beef one again too, just to see if I got one with a defective sauce packet or something.  Sometimes it pays to be an optimist!  :D

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