Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indomie Mi Goreng BBQ Chicken

Made by:  Indofood (Indonesia)
Tools Required:  Saucepan & Range, Strainer, Bowl or Plate, Chopsticks
Meal Size (460 calories per package)
Rating:  :)

(Available online at Amazon.com)

Today I am going to break the streak of grocery-store ramen reviews and have an imported noodle for lunch.  (I really need to get back to an Asian grocery soon...)  This BBQ Chicken flavor Mi Goreng sounds interesting--I'm having trouble imagining what barbecue flavored noodles will taste like.  Well, there's one way to find out!

The starburst on the front of the package advertises the fact that there are lots of seasoning sachets included inside the package, and it is true--there are five total.  We have a clear triple-packet that has seasoning oil, chili sauce, and sweet soy sauce, and then a foil double-packet with the powdered seasoning and some fried onions for garnish.  And, of course, a fairly average-looking block of instant ramen-style noodles.  The directions tell us to boil the noodles in 400ml of water for three minutes--although, honestly, there is no real need to measure since we are going to drain the noodles anyway.  Meanwhile, we stir all the flavorings besides the onions together into a paste in the bottom of our bowl.  When the noodles are done, we drain them in our strainer and dump them in the bowl, toss with the seasoning paste, and then top with the fried onion bits.  Just like that, we are ready to eat!

I'll just get right to the point and say that I like this one.  The noodles are a nice texture, and they have a really nice flavor.  It isn't like a western-style barbecue flavor, not that I expected it to be; it's more like what Asian restaurants refer to as Korean BBQ, or maybe along the lines of a General Tso flavor.  It's pleasantly spicy, and the sweetness is about the perfect level to contrast the spice without feeling syrupy.  The little extra 'crunch' that the onion garnish provides is a nice touch too.  Like the other Mi Goreng I reviewed, this seems like it could have a lot of possibilities as a base for added ingredients, but this one is perfectly capable of standing on its own as well.  I'm looking forward to getting more of these! :)

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  1. I love this one and the standard one...i did not like Satay...