Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nissin Chow Mein Beef Teriyaki Flavor

Made By:  Nissin USA
Tools Required:  Microwave, Chopsticks
Large Meal Size (520 calories per package)
Rating:  :|

(available online through

Today I'm having another "grocery store" domestic product, the Beef Teriyaki Chow Mein from Nissin.  These non-soup style noodles can be a nice change of pace from the soup products, and even at $1 they are a fairly economical lunch.  Let's see how they turn out!

Inside the package, we find a brick of not-quite-ramen-style noodles; they are flat instead of wavy, and look to be a bit thicker than the average.  There is also a packet of dried "Premium Ingredients" and a "Liquid Seasoning" packet.  I am a little surprised not to find a powdered seasoning packet inside, but the directions don't mention one, so there's really not supposed to be one, I don't guess.  We empty the dried goodies into the tray with the noodles, add a bit of water up to the fill line, and microwave for five minutes; after cooking, we stir in the liquid seasoning, which does have the advantage of stirring in much more easily than some of the powdered ones.  Time to eat!

The noodles do stay a nice texture and are cooked evenly (which is never a given with this particular style of packaging).  The dried bits turned out to be carrots, onions, green onion, and imitation beef bits, which rehydrated acceptably well though the carrots still look a bit shriveled.  Unfortunately, I can't say there was much of anything in the "Premium Ingredients" that contributed much to the flavor, I think they are mainly for show.  The sauce is quite thin and has  a very light, almost watered-down flavor; I think it could have been better if the sauce was a bit thicker and more hearty.  I guess maybe that means I would have preferred a powdered seasoning?  Oh well.

Anyway, I'm not going to say these were bad, just pretty average.  I would probably consider getting it again if it were still on sale, but I imagine I would be more likely to try the other flavors and brands first. :|


  1. Well, I guess looks are almost as important as taste and smell...

  2. I love love love them!!'