Monday, April 4, 2011

Souped-Up Ramen Review: Nong Shim Savory Chicken Bowl Noodle

Nong Shim Savory Chicken Bowl Noodle
an egg
a green onion
Sriracha sauce

Meal Size (~500 calories)
Rating:  Major Upgrade!

Okay, I had sort of been planning to do some "Souped-Up" reviews like this from the beginning--I'm actually sort of surprised it took me this long to get to one.  I think I mentioned in the original review that I ended up getting 36 of these in a buy-one-case-get-one-free deal from Costco, right?  Well, I've had nine of them so far.  I think I also mentioned that they were a bit bland and unexciting.  With 27 bowls left to go, I think it's high time I tried to make them more interesting!

So, while the water for the noodles (and tea) was heating on the stove, I chopped the green onion and added it to the bowl along with the seasoning packet, and got a small skillet ready by melting about 1/2 tbsp. butter over low heat.  While the noodles were standing in the hot water, I fried the egg sunny-side up (covered skillet method) and slid it onto the top when the noodles were done, then topped everything with a drizzle of Sriracha hot sauce.

Before eating, I like to cut the egg up with my chopsticks and stir it in a bit, so that the yolk (and hot sauce) blends in with the broth.  The finished result is a broth that is very rich and creamy, nicely savory, and not nearly as spicy as one would imagine by looking at the hot sauce in the picture.  Eggs have an interesting property of countering a lot of spice heat, so the Sriracha just ends up keeping things from being too bland, especially since I didn't season the egg with anything else.

This has got to be the best bowl of noodles I have had in months.  And the add-in ingredients are very economical, too!  This will make it a lot easier to finish the case-and-a-half of these bowls that I have left.  I call this a Major Upgrade!  Om nom nom. :D


  1. you spent more time reviewing your egg and hot sauce than the actual soup itself. not a very good review if someone's wondering how the product tastes. i recommend going back to review class and learning how to describe shit better. "my egg and some sriracha were great!!!"ok who cares.

  2. @myrrhLust: there's already a review of the savory chicken ramen without any additions (posted a month or so ago). You should probably go back to blog archive class.

  3. @myrrhLust: As autumn already mentioned, I did review the product as packaged first--I will always review the unaltered product before doing any "souped-up" reviews--but I probably could have linked it better.

    You are absolutely right, this review (and all future "Souped-Up Reviews" for that matter) was indeed about whether the added ingredients improved the product, rather than re-reviewing the product itself.