Sunday, July 5, 2015

JML Instant Noodle Artificial Stew Beef Flavor

Made By:  Jinmailang Nissin Food Co, Ltd. [China]
Required to Prepare:  Saucepan & Range
523 calories per package

Available online via Amazon

Today we are trying the first of the products from the June 2015 Ramen Box, and we decided to start with our first Chinese noodle,* this Beef Stew flavored noodle from JML (or Jin Mai Lang).  We're also kind of testing the theory that warm beverages and/or soups can actually make you feel cooler in hot weather, since we are having record-breaking heat here in the Pacific Northwest.  (If it works, I am going to have lots of tea and ramen this summer--they aren't predicting any break in the hot and dry weather any time soon.)

The package contains a block of noodles which look maybe a little narrower and lighter in color than average, along with not two, but three packets of seasonings; there is a powder soup base, a packet of dried veggies, and the third one is a seasoning oil, in solid/paste form.  We add the contents of all three packets to 500ml of water as it is coming to a boil, then we cook our noodles in the boiling broth for 3 minutes.  The aroma is quite nice; we are definitely smelling the beef base, but also a 'Chinese' spice--I am thinking some form of the five-spice mix and some ginger.  Anyway, we transfer the completed soup to our ramen bowls, and we are ready to eat!

The broth does have a rather nice flavor!  I am not sure I would completely agree with the Ramen Box brochure that this is 'not spicy', as it does have a little heat to it, but then again it is probably milder than the "Mild" Korean ramyuns that we sampled last month.  Rather, the chili flavor is part of a larger seasoning blend, which I doubt I can describe other than to say it's a pretty good instant version of Chinese beef stew like I might get from a Chinese restaurant.  The noodles are a little thinner and a bit softer than in a typical ramen, but it seems to fit here; it's not that they are 'soggy', just that they are a different type of noodle.

My wife even commented on the cabbage from the dried veggie packet; we were impressed that they seemed to actually retain some cabbage flavor, unlike what we are used to from other products' "Premium Ingredients." We were wondering to ourselves if this product might use actual dried Bok Choy cabbage instead of normal Western cabbage.  There's no way for me to know if that's true or not, but we do know we both really enjoyed this!  Next time I am off shopping for some instant noodles, I might keep an eye out for other JML products to see if they are all as enjoyable as this one. :D

*Technically, I have reviewed a couple of other products that were manufactured in China, but they were domestic brand names and made for the United States market, so to me those don't count for the 'China' category.


  1. The Ramen Box is establishing a very good track record - everything has been excellent so far!

  2. I just tried the stew beef noodle it is delicious I will keep buying them I want to find other flavors