Monday, July 27, 2015

Unboxing The Ramen Box: July 2015

The third Ramen Box has arrived!  This one has some pretty cool stuff in it:

Our bonus item of the month is a pair of "Stache Sticks", which is one of those silicone 'training-wheels-for-chopsticks' things, shaped like a moustache so children of all ages can use it as a clever disguise between bites.  I might have preferred something a little girlier, but we will probably use it. We also get our button-of-the-month (this one is stripey), which I'll put on last month's tote bag with the other two, and the informational pamphlet.

We have an interesting selection of noodles this month!  There is an Okinawa Soba noodle soup from Myojo, what seems to be a Korean take on Japanese udon noodle soup from Paldo, as well as some Bibim Men, also from Paldo, which are spicy noodles meant to be served cold.  Finally, for the 'fun' entry, there are packets of Just Nu:dles from Nong Shim, which are noodles with no seasoning packets, intended to be used for purposes such as making sandwiches or pizza crusts, or crushing up onto salads.

This month seems like another good value!  I'm excited to try all the products (even if I'm a little intimidated by the Bibimmen), so reviews should be forthcoming soon.  So far, The Ramen Box seems very recommendable!  :D

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