Thursday, June 25, 2015

Unboxing the Ramen Box: June 2015

The next Ramen Box has arrived!

This one included two each of three more types of instant noodles, plus two packages of another 'noodle snack' product.  I wonder if that is going to be the standard assortment for them?  We also received a "The Ramen Box" tote bag, which is kind of neat, and a matching Ramen Box button, along with the obligatory information pamphlet.

Unlike last month, which seemed to have a Korea theme going on, I'm not sure there is a connecting thread to these products; this month, the included products are:

Ottogi Sesame Ramen [Korea]
Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen [USA]
JML Stew Beef Flavor Instant Noodle [China]
GGE Wheat Crackers Original Flavor [Taiwan]

(The above list will be updated with links as reviews become available.)

I do have to say, I am a little bit disappointed at the inclusion of the Sapporo Ichiban, which the pamphlet claims is of Japanese origin, but which states clearly on the package that it is a domestic product and which is readily available in most grocery stores around here.*  Then again, it's not like I've actually reviewed it yet, so once again The Ramen Box has provided four new-to-me products for the Ramen Butterfly to review.  I'm looking forward to going through them!

{*:  I'm also considering the possibility that I am just spoiled by being a Seattleite, and that it isn't quite as readily available elsewhere.}

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