Monday, October 3, 2011

Nissin Sauce Yakisoba Karashi Mayonnaise Flavor

Made By:  Nissin Foods (Japan)
Added Ingredients Required:  Boiling Water
530 calories per package

Today, my partner is planning to have lunch out at McDonald's while she is at work, while I am spending the day at home waiting for the handyman to come by.  While her motives are noble (we are suckers for the "Monopoly at McDonald's" contest) I admit I am somewhat envious.  So, I did what any ramen lover would do:  I searched the Noodle Stash for the most decadent thing I could find!  Who needs a Big Mac when they could have a 日清焼そば?

Okay, so the package is completely in Japanese with no English translation anywhere outside of the Nissin logo, which means I am not 100% certain I got the product name right.  I am pretty sure the flavor is "Karashi Meyone-zu," though, so based on that and the picture, I am expecting a mustard-&-mayonnaise-topped noodle similar to the Myojo Ippeichan product that I really liked.

Inside the tray, there is a block of noodles with some loose cabbage pieces floating around, and two seasoning packets--one with powdered seasoning, the other with our mayonnaise topping.  The preparation seems to be the same as the Myojo product--we fill the tray with boiling water and stand for three minutes, drain out the water with the handy built-in drain spout, then remove the lid, stir in the powder seasoning, and top with the mayonnaise.  It looks and smells pretty good; let's give it a try!

The noodles are a similar texture to the Myojo Ippeichan; these may be a bit softer, and they seem to clump together a lot more.  The seasoning base is along the same lines too, with the smoky grilled beef  and Worcestershire sauce overtones.  This version seems a bit lighter in flavor, though.  The mayonnaise topping was a bit less generous too, although it seems to have more karashi mustard heat.  Finally, the cabbage seemed to be even more distracting here, since there were larger and more numerous pieces of it.

I definitely enjoyed this one, and it had the 'fast-food' feel that I was hoping for.  Given the choice, I think the Myojo Ippeichan is the better pick of these two competing products, but if this is the only one that's available where you are, I would still heartily recommend it. :D

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