Monday, March 14, 2011

Tai Pei Chicken Fried Rice

Made By:  Discovery Foods (USA)
Tools Required:  Cooler (for storage), Microwave, Chopsticks
Meal Size (570 calories per package)
Price:  $2.00 (sale at Woodinville Safeway)
Rating:  :D

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I had decided that maybe I would branch out and review some things that weren't strictly "instant noodle" products, but I had pretty much decided that I would stick with things that were shelf-stable as opposed to frozen food products.  That was before I saw a sale on this nifty chinese-take-out style meal; I just had to grab one to try, and so why not share my experience?  {Tentatively, my new rule is probably more like "things that Jessie would eat with chopsticks"--which would actually include almost anything, just so you know.}

Anyway, the preparation is pretty simple on these; you put the frozen box into the microwave for five to six minutes without taking the plastic wrap off or anything, then let it stand for three to five before unwrapping, stirring, and eating.  The plastic wrap has little holes in it for steam ventilation, and it's pretty stretchy--the scissors on my little Victorinox keychain knife came in handy getting the hot package open.  The box had quite a bit of "air space" at the top (it was probably only about 3/4 full) but the package helpfully tells me that this is because frozen rice takes up more room than hot cooked rice does.

I was actually pretty impressed by the flavor of these.  Maybe this means I have been eating instant noodles a bit too often, but I enjoyed having some veggies that hadn't been dehydrated and some actual meat for a change.  The chicken was quite soft, probably from being steamed in the box, but the texture seemed okay otherwise.  The rice is flavored with soy sauce and oyster sauce, and is nicely moist but not too heavy.  This was good enough that I hope they are still on sale--I want to try the other flavors now!  :D

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