Thursday, April 5, 2012

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac

Distributed By:  Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Required to Prepare:  1 lb ground beef, 2c water, covered skillet & range
350 calories per prepared serving (5 servings per box)

Just when I start thinking I've gone just as far afield from instant noodles as I was going to go... I end up finding a product in another new category that I'm excited about and want to review.  These Velveeta Cheesy Skillets were on my radar strictly because of their original TV commercial; I figure that if they're responsible for adding the phrase "until there can be no more smiting" to my vocabulary, then they probably at least deserve a try.  So from there, a 75¢ coupon (complete with picture of the Velveeta Blacksmith) was all it took to push me off the fence and pick this up with a package of ground beef.  Let the smiting begin!

We start off by browning and draining our ground beef; then into the skillet goes 2c of water and the powdered seasoning mix (which looks a lot like mac-and-cheese powder), which we stir it into a sauce.  We add the included pasta and return the ground beef to the skillet, bring to a boil, and simmer covered for around 13 minutes, stirring often.  Finally, we SMITE THEM WITH LIQUID GOLD UNTIL THERE CAN BE NO MORE SMITING (ahem) add and stir in the pouch of cheese sauce, and they are ready to serve!

Despite the passing resemblance to a Hamburger Helper dinner, which frankly had me a bit nervous, I have to say these are actually very good!  The cheese flavor is very rich and the sauce is nice and thick, coating the meat and macaroni well.  The ground beef itself might seem a bit bland if you get a bite that is heavy in meat, though--I might consider seasoning the ground beef with a little salt and pepper as I brown it in the future, but that is a very minor complaint.  The package claims that the box makes five servings, which is probably a little unrealistic, but it could be at least three helpings, and maybe four if it were paired with some generous side dishes.  My sweetie and I both enjoyed this!  We'll probably be trying at least two of the other flavors eventually (the Nacho Supreme and Chicken & Broccoli both sound good) and I could definitely see us having this one again too.  Smite me again, please!  ^_^